How To Make Your Blowout Last

If anyone has ever appreciated the beauty of, and not to sound dramatic, but the true value of a good blowout, it would be me. I mean, I could dedicate a whole blog post to all of the reasons I love them so much, but in summary, my hair is an absolute treat to do (sarcasm), and getting a 45 minute blowout saves me lots of time. *If you actually want a full blog post on why I love them so much just let me know, I’d be happy to do it.


So say you’ve already been convinced, you’ve gone to Dry Bar, and you’ve gotten your beautiful blowout. Now what?


I know they are a luxury and certainly not cheap, so I’m all about making a blowout last as long as possible! Here are my best tips for preserving that work of art and making it last multiple days longer:

  1. Sleep bun

    Every night before I go to bed, I wrap my hair up in a bun with a scrunchie on the top of my head (as high up as I can get it!). This keeps the ends nice and formed, increases the volume, and actually adds a bit of curl. I will also put it up in a bun on airplanes, in the car, when working at my computer, or basically any other time I can to help keep it’s shape.

  2. Silk pillowcase

    Silk pillowcases are great for your hair’s health in general, but I find that it keeps the frizz down and helps make my blowouts last longer, so I try to always sleep on one when I have a salon blowout.

  3. Shower cap

    This might seem like a no-brainer, or maybe you think you’re skilled at not getting your hair wet in the shower and don’t need it, but trust me, shower caps are very helpful at keeping your blowout. Without one, your hair will be exposed to a lot of moisture and it can cause it to frizz up and lose shape or volume. I can’t live without mine!

  4. Minimal products

    This goes for both in the salon before and at home. I ask for minimal products and zero hairspray when I get mine done, and I don’t put any product on my hair at home. I find that product just weighs my hair down and after a few days I don’t like the feeling of it in my hair. This could be personal preference but I have heard other people prefer the same thing so it might be worth a shot, especially if you have thicker hair like I do.

  5. Use headbands, but not hats!

    If you workout, headbands are a must. I like the ones with grippies (Lululemon headbands have these) and I wear them as far forward toward my forehead as possible in order to help keep sweat away from my hairline when working out. I also avoid hats as much as possible so my hair doesn’t get flattened out or get sweaty.


I know this sounds like a lot to manage but I promise its not that bad and all of these small things have made a huge difference in how long my blowouts last!

What tips do you have for making yours last that I don’t know of yet? Are there other topics about hair you want me to talk about? Leave a comment below for me! Thanks for reading. Love, Sarah.

sarah dettinger